Accessories for my iPhone 5s

Owning a iPhone 5S in over a month is second to owning a car. From the moment, I received it bought a couple of accessories but my very first purchase is to own a cover case. I haven't seen any ios device that owns it without a cover case. I guess that every owner of a mobile device mindset is to protect it and look as its new all the time. We know the fact the iPhones have a resell value higher than any other android device. This is very true when you looked up on any online retain store. 

When I got my iPhone 5S, I immediately purchase a cover case and eventually follow some useful accessories. Here are some I have purchase:

Christmas 2013

Its Christmas time once again. I know everyone is on the holiday mode, spending time with your loved ones, opening their gifts etc. This is definitely the day that we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus.

Nowadays we are very busy in the world and tend to forget what is important but if we take a moment to reflect and we can certainly appreciate the wonders surrounding us (family, friends, work.etc). Its a good feeling, when you reflect how bless and fortunate we are. 

Again have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone

IPhone 5S

Been a user of smartphone back in 2009. 1yr as a windows mobile and followed by android mobile. From that on, never look back to any smartphone OS until last Nov. 25 I got an opportunity to own a iPhone 5s. To my surprise during my android days, i felt the war between mobile phones. Until recently, when you can no longer hit back one phone to another. Perhaps it time to change. Its time I try IOS phone. 

When Globe offered their iPhone forever plan, I did research and got a conclusion to try it since I have been a globe subscriber ever since. It took about a week for me to finally decide whether I upgraded since I do own a blackberry Q10 under plan 999. Blackberry Q10, hardware wise is a good build quality and its distinction of a keyboard. But its a little to late I guess for Blackberry especially their apps. Being said, I have traded in my Q10 for the phone forever plan. Luckily, I have passed the quality inspection of the trade in officer and recommended me for the trade in for the iPhone 5s. Within minutes I was holding my very own iPhone device. Historic should I say that day. Quickly bought a case afterwards. When I have arrived on my house, quickly setup my apps and take some quality photos. 

Now its been exactly one month and really enjoying my iPhone 5s. although still need to adjust the screen estate since coming from 4"7 of my nexus 4 to 4". 




System updates

Today I just started to update my Galaxy note 8.0 for 4.2.2. Even though its far from 4.3 am still satisfied with what Samsung is doing for its devices.
How I wish if HTC can do it when updating their devices.