Beats Music Streaming

Beats the maker of superb and high quality headsets recently announce their online music streaming service. Its open for IOS, android and soon to Windows phone users. Currently they don't have the webservice but am hoping they will open it soon. Unlike any other music streaming service like Spotify, Rdio and Pandora, what makes Beats music stand out is their music selection base on your genre's. I was literally surprise how the music where delivered to your listening pleasure. It gives what you wanted to hear. And that is a winner for me. 

Installing the app on my smartphone is simple with minimalist feel. I really like the black background of the UI. signing in was a breeze and immediately greeted with the list of genres you want to listen. After that the music keeps filing in with the songs you wanted to hear. No commercial, just pure music to your delight. 

Also you can show or share what you are listening to your friends in Facebook and in twitter. I hope to see more social apps like Google plus to be included. Commonly Facebook and twitter are the default. Also I did find that you can also skip unlimited track and even play the previous song on your playlist. With that you don't need to  search again the song. 

2014 - 1.png

I know there may be some things that need to be iron out by Beats music but for a user like me entering to a world of music streaming service is worth to try. Its a sense of a new look and feel and the curation that it brings.