Weekends should be like these

Work life can be stressful at times and there are ways to cool it off. One of it was finding time to go out with friends. So last weekend, my friends got out to the streets. What was a fine Saturday night out turn out to be a street party. While we were heading to out destination, we notice a mini concert and a public eating. Curiosity seat in and we found out that that day our country is celebrating the 60 years of diplomatic ties with Germany. It was a street party some sort of a October fest. They were serving beers and sausages From that moment on we got ourselves a good deal of the day and one of a kind beer tasting. 

We bought ourselves with sausages and tasted 2 kinds of beer brands. Those beers was good and noticeable about the malt. You can really taste it. Differentiating it with our local brand, its as the same but its something about the malt that I did find it so great taste. Although we did not get ourselves drunk for the night instead off spending the time to catch up and this was only a bonus added to our day. This is one of kind weekend for me.