Mobile world Congress 2014

last week is a one of the highlights in mobile smartphone atleast this year. Most are hyped with the new devices coming in for different manufacturers. Seeing one by one get unveiled during MWC2014, I was highly anticipating the new galaxy s5 because of the discussion over the net that the s5 will come 2 version, one with a premium look and feel. Spec wise would be all new, and some new innovation such as the finger scanner similar to the iPhone 5s. We'll that does not look what we all expected even on the rest of the blogosphere. Why Samsung...all new name but same all built? That is most of what the tech has been saying and even ranting about the new S5. All I can say is that Samsung did not wow us with the new release of the s5 even you would say that the features are improved. I say that never expect something cause sometimes it may disappoint when you or most of us been looking forward to Samsung. 

What am eying now is the all new Sony Xperia z2 and the Nokia x android phone. At least Nokia did not disappoint its android fans in bringing Nokia to android phone at least in a midrange category. For now my eyes are in the z2 and looking forward to see reviews on the device especially the battery has been bump up to 3200mwah. Improved screen, still great design. Something to look forward to the coming weeks.

Blackberry is interesting as well since they are bringing back the the classic trackpad and belt belly to its new q20 smartphone. Something to look forward to blackberry this year.  

Htc was not ready to unveil its new smartphone flagship the all new htc one. But I kindly doubt if they will be able to wow the tech community with its new flagship phone. Hopefully they will get back to the game since they won the smartphone of the year 2013 so probably seeing samsung followers disappointment over the s5, there is a chance to grab that market to HTC camp. Time will only tell when on march25 unveiling the all new htc one.

Whatever the next coming weeks be to this devices sure it's worth observing them and see another round of battles who's the next big thing. Oh where is apple?..