iPhone 5s Simplism Case

In the days when am using a android phone, usually one or 2 cases I bought for the phone. It's that because my android phone is plastic which a case is not that a necessity. These is not the case for my iOS device.  In the past 3 months, I have gotten 4 iPhone cases purchases. Because it's either for good protection and style. It's a bit uncommon for my iPhone to sweat when I take it out of my pocket. That is the reason I opted now to have a flip case to cover the screen of my iPhone.  So far I have been using the simplism iPhone case. I like the notebook/wallet style. Compared to the Moshi overture case, I like the simplism iPhone case because it's sizable to my phone and pocket. It does also function as a landscape stand for viewing. 2 in 1 purpose of this case.

The Moshi overture case is good but I find it very I find it not pocket able. Between the 2, Simplism case has a different orientation in opening the case instead of opening to the left its the other way around. But a few days using it, you can get use to it. Nothing to be concern. Its just you have to get used to. Another thing to watch out for is that its leather and I guess in the next few months, I might encounter color degradation and dust. Not to cause an alarm but something to watch out. 

The real test is if my phone screen will continue to show off sweat. This I have to test in real life scenarios For now I enjoy the case with my iPhone 5s.