Starbucks planners 2012 - 2014

it's has been 2 years that am consistently patronizing the Starbucks spark of hope. To me it's not just  collecting the planners but also a contributor to help the less fortunate people. It is worth the cost. 

Here are some of the Starbucks I have collected from 2012 to 2014. They have different color to choose from and you can opt to purchase a Starbucks pen in a discount rate only available if you are redeeming your planner. One thing I also enjoy is that with the planner you also have a freebies per month, either a free coffee or up size drink. 

The design of the planners throughout the years do have the creative look. Its appealing more in the eyes. I kinda like the look of planners that blend to a wooden look or its just me.  The thing is that you will be encourage to plan your daily activity and that what planners do right? Get you to plan your life.  

Starbucks Planners 

Starbucks Planners 

Starbucks Pen 2014


Some cool stickers that came with the planner and some discount promo cards. 

Cool stickers

Starbucks over the coffee shop? It's more of preference no matter what you may support. I have been a Starbucks customer since I started to work and see how prices adjusted over the years. But the intention to support what Starbucks been doing throughout the years is enough for me to continue supporting their advocacy. And frankly it's just during December that you will spend almost everyday to complete the stickers but at the end you enjoy a cup of good coffee and help other in the time of giving.