Reviving The Stylus pen

Stylus pen has been around during the palm handheld era as we'll during the early days of windows smartphones. They were popular back then until touch screen smartphone in the introduction of the iPhone came around. We became occustome to touchscreen ever since. Then the stylus pens slowly goes behind the scenes when touchscreen came to the market

At a time when stylus pen aren't necessary for smartphones since everything can be done through the a touch of a hand. Literary our fingers became the stylus I remember when Steve jobs made this a point when he introduces the iPhone on 2007.  

As touch screen grew for every smartphone manufacturers, they came a point that stylus pen can be revived and integrated on our smartphones. Many has questioned this as to the point why bring back the stylus pen when you can all do things by your fingers. Divided by the fact that stylus can be marketable again or just a none existent accessory that we can just ignore and put it back behind us. It's way past the touchscreen generation. At a point the way we are thinking is that stylus pen can no longer be revived and that prove to be not accurate. I did not put the word "wrong" since technology is evolving. With the introduction of tablets and phablets, stylus pen were re-introduce. It became exciting again to have them around and use them. Adaptability of this stylus pen quickly grew when Samsung made them as a accessory on their galaxy note series. I too owned a galaxy note 8 and I find it useful in my workflow and occasional usage of the pen. I draw, take note and the experience is having a digital pen. I can say that am not a full user of the pen but occasionally there is a need for it especially if your a student who loves to take notes in digital format, artist who love to show their artwork etc.. It's a endless possibility as tech evolves around and I can see that the stylus has really came back to suit our different needs